Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lots of Progress!!

Gday!!! Have been making huge progress in the garden!! We now have 36 metres of track down, including our first set of points/turnout. The railway winds its way through most of the front gardens before crossing the newly completed path crossing. As most of the focus has been on completing the railway there hasnt been much time to work on the DERM.

Here is a photo of the progress of the front bogie.

This photo shows the newly completed path crossing with a crossing signal we made up. Eventually this crossing will be protected by flashing light signals and boom gates (1:12 scale).

Here is a closer shot of the crossing sign.

This is my favourite photo of the railway so far. It shows the Y class in the spot where the pond and trestle bridge will eventually be.

And finally here is a photo showing a larger section of completed track. The track extends for roughly the same distance behine the camera as well.

I hope to be working hard on the railway in the coming days so ill be posting some photos soon.
The next goal is to install the second set of points and track accross the driveway. After this all we need to do is lay sleepers and track on the section next to the road to complete the front yard cection of the railway.
Exciting times ahead so STAY TUNED!!! :-)

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  1. Looking very good! Cant wait to see more as it progresses.