Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lots of Progress!!

Gday!!! Have been making huge progress in the garden!! We now have 36 metres of track down, including our first set of points/turnout. The railway winds its way through most of the front gardens before crossing the newly completed path crossing. As most of the focus has been on completing the railway there hasnt been much time to work on the DERM.

Here is a photo of the progress of the front bogie.

This photo shows the newly completed path crossing with a crossing signal we made up. Eventually this crossing will be protected by flashing light signals and boom gates (1:12 scale).

Here is a closer shot of the crossing sign.

This is my favourite photo of the railway so far. It shows the Y class in the spot where the pond and trestle bridge will eventually be.

And finally here is a photo showing a larger section of completed track. The track extends for roughly the same distance behine the camera as well.

I hope to be working hard on the railway in the coming days so ill be posting some photos soon.
The next goal is to install the second set of points and track accross the driveway. After this all we need to do is lay sleepers and track on the section next to the road to complete the front yard cection of the railway.
Exciting times ahead so STAY TUNED!!! :-)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sleepers and Track

Gday all!!
We have sources a small supply of sleepers and purchased some 10x10mm square steel as rail.
The sleepers are mixed treated and non treated pine 25x25mm and roughly 225mm long. As mentioned in the previous post we have placed these close together for both strength and to closely represent the real thing.

Pictured below is a frinds VR 5" Y Class on our trial 2 metre section of track. As the garden will recieve minimal foot traffic I have opted not to use edging. Fortunantly the whole property has good drainage so no drains were required. The footpath crossing behind the locomotive will be an earlier style VR Flashing Light and Boomgate combination.
This picture shows the close spacing between the sleepers. Since this photo was taken I have re-arranged the sleepers in the turnout formation.
To ensure the track maintains ints gauge and curve we have welded 10x3mm tabs roughly every 300mm on the curve and will extend this distance on the straights.

Next we will continue placing sleepers in the front garden. I would guess there would be close to 1500 sleepers in the front yard alone. Once this is done we can lay the track. The track arrived last week. I ordered 355metres of steel, hopefully itll be enough!!!!! :-)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

We have BALLAST!!!

Gday All!!
Have been moving along at an amazing pace!! The front yard trackbed has been put down. I used 7mm screening for ballast as the size is close to prototype and it compacts down very nicely. It has taken two square metres of material to do this area.

Pictured below is the mainline straight. This is the longest straight on the railway and will be good for some higher speeds!!
The curve and the juction are quickly taking shape and are resembling a railway rather than a raked path through the garden.

The other junction is taking shape. My wife suggested placing landfill to the right of the formation here to create a cutting. I hope to later incorporate the idea once the track is laid and tested.

The next thing to do is source sleepers. I hope to use 25mm square timber. This will also aim to resemble the prototype and will provide stability when placed in short range of each other.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Workn Hard

Gday All!!
I have been working hard. Have been working on the formation. Clearing bushes and ensuring the curves are not too sharp and smooth.

Here is the mainline straight in the front yard.
Long curve that crosses our main driveway. There will be chain between the timber posts and some sort of crossing signal. The bush to the left has been removed and a gate will need to be installed to enable smooth running into the rear yard.

One of the sharpest curves on the railway. The branchline will continue to the left and the mainline straight will be ahead through the trees.

Looks back from the main driveway. The mainline will junction to the bright area at the top of the photo and the branch will continue to the right..
Trackbed and leveling is next. Ill post photos of this tomorrow.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Garden Railway Update

Gday All. Its been a while since updating. I have been very busy working on my miniature railway. Total length will be around 150 metres and will travel around the house from front to rear yard. There is also a passing loop/branchline in the front yard. So far the backyard is ready for edging then ballast (following pics) and the front yard has the track underbed in place plus a 2 metre section of complete track. I upload the photos of this soon. Well I can type for ages but pictures will explain everything.

This photo shows where the railway will enter the garden bed and travel though a gate (to be built) and across the driveway to the front yard.

Curve past the loco storage shed. There will be a branch heading to the left.

The railway will enter the garden (later to be surrounded by 'lovely plants'). Id like to convert the kids cubby into a station.

I love this curve!!! We hope to put in some edging between the ballast and the grass to prevent the two from 'interacting'!! :-) The clothes line is removable.

There are more photos but I will slowly update this blog over the coming days and weeks so stay tuned.
If you have any questions please dont hesitate to email me at:
Cheers all

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gday All

Just a quick post to say 'stay tuned' as I will be updating this space with pictures and information about our miniature railway endeavours. I am currently building a 5 inch railway around my home in country Victoria, Australia and am also building a Victorian Railway (VR) DERM (Diesel Electric Rail Motor). I will also be posting information about other friends railways, locomotives and rolling stock so 'stay tuned'