Thursday, December 8, 2011

FCMR- How we built my home VR 5" Miniature Railway

Gday Everyone!!!

Paul and I have worked hard on the railway and made some major progress over the past months. It would take ages to upload all this to the blog so I made this video for a recent railway expo. This video outlines how we build the railway to it is now. The only difference is the loop at the station now has tracks and is awaiting points at either end.

I have also ordered a set of point levers and am going to install these. If successfuul I will order more. They will hopefully be linked to signals to enable multidirectional running.

I have also made a video showing run days on the railway. Now I have a decent connection to the internet, I will upload this to YouTube for your entertainment.

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  1. Hi guys just came across your page...nice work on the layout, looks very Broad Gauge! Cheers. Nigel