Monday, April 9, 2012

Station loop and siding.

Gday All!!

Told ya it wont be long before the next update. As the title suggests, we have been busy building a passing loop and dead end siding at the station.
This project involved welding 12 metres of track and fabrication of 3 sets of points. Paul and I had never built points before as the other points on the railway were built by a good friend. What we did was build the new points, using the others as a guide. This worked out extremely well and we were able to make the 3 sets and have them installed in a couple of days.

Here is Paul installing the first set of points. A very exciting moment!!!

This photo shows the points welded into the mainline and the loop soon to be attached.

Here is the other end of the station yard showing the other two sets of points. The siding was a last minute idea. I didnt really like the plant that was there anyway!!!

Im building a VR derrick crane for the section between the siding and passing loop. The siding isnt long enough to store a full train but will be a great place to park the RT when it is finished and perhaps another carriage.

The station yard was finished in time for the Victorian N Scale Collective to come and have a play!!

Paul and I are pictured here 'testing' which locomotive is faster. Just so happens the Maxitrak Planet has a bit more acceleration than the Y class. You can also see that I have built a nice new picket fence for the station. The fence here needs a bit of tuning as I neglected to use a level when screwing it together!!

Still a bit of work to do around the station area but it is slowly becoming more of a feature the kids love it!!!

Take care and Happy Modelling!!!


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  1. I am convinced! I think it will be beautiful! You have plenty of trim to balance the dark. Can't way to see the pics siding